How to design a good looking food packaging

Food packaging is more important than the food itself. Most people buy products because their packaging caught their eyes. Packaging makes people believe that it is a really good food. If you can convey the common people that the food inside that package is the healthiest thing in the world then they will go for it. No one will care to know if that particular food is actually “healthy”. Food packaging plays with people’s mind. Here are some very interesting ways to make sure people will notice your food.


Consumers are getting very health conscious these days. Women over 30 only buy foods that are fresh. These women care a lot about the ingredients in the food. You need to make the packaging look fresh. This can be easily done by putting some HD pictures of fresh vegetables or fruits. You also need to choose an attractive background color. This kind of fresh packaging works wonders for foods like salad, soups.


Women love to think that they are eating everything organic. Many well-known Doctors believe that organic vegetables or fruits do not offer more nutrition than the ordinarily grown once. But since organic vegetables and fruits look better, most people believe that they are better for health. If you are selling something healthy, then you need to convey your target customers that every ingredient in your product is organically grown. The word organic works like a magic these days. You can also add a picture of a farm on the package.


Super food

Hopack; the one of the best food packaging ideas is to level the food as super food. Celebrities like Kate Hudson, Gwyneth Paltrow often talk about eating only naturally grown superfoods. Their fans too want to eat super food. There is nothing called “super food”. It is another brilliant idea by some people to sell their products.

Package it in unexpected ways

One person thought about serving salad in a jar instead of traditional plates. No one could guess that the idea will work so well. Now most of the big restaurants around the world are serving salads in a jar. You can also do the same thing. Change the old ideas; serve it in a different but attractive way. This works. People get bored of eating the same food again. If the same food is served to them on a different platter then they will appreciate it very much.

Real meat

A lot of people are forced to buy TV dinners for their family. It is not healthy, but they just do not have the time to prepare a fresh dinner. These people buy frozen meat products. They want to health conscious. If you are selling frozen meat products then your packaging should say that you have used real fresh meat. This will convey your customers that the food is not going to be bad for their family.

Everything will depend on your food packaging; it will decide how successful you will be in the food industry.